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Golf club grips are probably one of the most unnoticed pieces of equipment in golf. This is despite the fact that grips are the most touched and used part of any golfers equipment. There is no one type of golf club grip that will cater for all golfers, there are many different factors that can be taken into account such as size, material and moisture control. The Golf Grip Guide is here to help you understand how to select the right grips, and most importantly, review the latest, golf grips to help you improve your game.

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Are-putter-grips-really-imp Are putter grips important?

Putter grips, say golf experts, are the most unnoticed pieces of golf equipment.  They are the most used and most touched but yet are overlooked and goes unnoticed by almost every golfer as just another piece of equipment.

how-to-regrip-a-golf-club How to regrip your golf clubs:

A simple procedure that takes 30 minutes for the whole set, regripping requires the only four supplies:

  • Rubber vise and vise clamps
  • Utility knife or straight blade
  • Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent
  • 3/4inch or 2inch Grip tape, two sided

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GPTourTraditional Golf Pride Tour Tradition Putter Grip Review

Putter shots are difficult and challenging, and every golfer would agree with that. The outcome depends on the precision and accuracy with which you judge, and putt, your shots.

PingAVS Ping AVS Putter Grip Review

Ask any golfer about the most trustworthy brand in golf products around, and you will have the name of ping coming up each and every time. This is definitely not a surprise in the golfing world, because Ping has truly made its mark in providing the players with the best of the products and grips.

Recent Golf Club Grip Reviews

LamkinCrossline Lamkin Crossline Golf Club Grip Review

Golf pros will exactly know how essential golf grips are to the game. That perfect golf grip will let you make your dream shot, even ending up as a hole-in one. And while we are on the topic of ideal golf grips, the first product that comes to most golf minds is Lamkin’s Crossline.

sharprodual Sharpro Dual Compound Golf Club Grip Review

From the house of Sharpro comes another first class golf grip. The Sharpro Dual Compound Golf Grips are constructed with the DualCord feature design that allows security and feel with its half cord and half soft rubber construction.