Avon Tour MTx4 Golf Club Grip Review

Avon-Tour-MTx4 Just when you think that Avon, the number one brand in golf products in the US, cannot get better, it brings out the Tour MTx4 right in your face. This new, advanced grip is fast giving a complex to the other brands in the market.

The Avon Tour MTx4 club grip comes with an exceptional micro textured pattern that signifies good performance in every sense of the term. Boasting of the best shock absorption capacity, this extraordinary grip can virtually spell the end of most golf-related injuries. With enhanced micro-traction ability, Tour Mtx4 assures impeccable consistency and a more relaxed and stress-free control over your golf club. In an ultimate display of technology, this advanced version of Avon golf grips seeks to eliminate needless rotation and twisting of your club head, and guarantees to improve the overall traction for every one of your swings. Make your shots straight, and your swings smoother with this must-have golf grip.

If you are just learning the nuances of the game, then MTx4 will help you greatly, with its hand alignment instructions through discreet arrows and pointers. You will be giving the experts some competition in no time.
Yes, the Tour MTx4 is everything that is good. And better.

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