Callaway AVS Golf Club Grip Review

Callaway AVS From the house of Callaway Golf comes another class A product. The Callaway AVS Grip Kit is another outstanding product by this company. This golf grip uses AVS V17 technology that is much tackier and definitely more durable. This means it is perfect for all kinds of weather and so now you can play your favourite sport all year round. Reviews from users say that this grip is much lighter and has a great feel. They also say it is easy to clean and tacky.

The specifications of these grips are quite impressive. The core is .600 inches. The material it is made of is synthetic allowing it to have a soft feel. The grip weight is an ideal weight between 48 to 55 grams. The grip is not ribbed and has a non-wrap style. It is a standard grip type. This grip is made specifically with male golf players in mind. Priced at $98.99 the Callaway Men’s V17 AVS Grip Kit includes 13 Callaway Win Grips and 1 Golfsmith Grip Kit Package.

The Callaway Women’s AVS V17 Grip Kit is very similar to the Men’s Grip Kit, the only difference being the core. While the Men’s Kit has a .600 inches core the Women’s Kit has .580 inches core. The performance of the grip remains the same for both.

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