Lamkin Michelin OCS Tour Golf Club Grip Review

Lamkin-Michelin-OCS-Tour When it comes to making quality, performance oriented golf grips, nobody does it better than Lamkin. It is their application of superior technology and meticulous designing that makes them the most reliable brand in golf products. And this time, they have outdone even themselves with the Lamkin Michelin OCS Tour.

The Michelin Optimized Cell System (OCS) is a product of Lamkinā€™s successful venture with the reputed Michelin Tyre & Rubber, and is co-engineered using the best knowledge and expertise of both worlds. As the name suggests, the optimized cell system is the known secret behind the highly reduced torque and enhanced traction that this grip famously offers. The OCS is composed of torque-diminishing vertical cells, as well as the horizontal ones that greatly improve traction.

Apart from this innovative concept that has won the brand a lot more loyal fans, Lamkin has also ensured that the grip is reliable during every weather condition, by enhancing its surface pattern with nothing other than the proprietary rubber composite material. The rubber compound delivers an exceptional anti-slip quality to the grip, so that even in wet weather, the club will not slip out of your hand.

Now you know what to choose when you go out to re-grip your club.

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