Lamkin Stingfree Crossline Tour Golf Club Grip Review

Lamkin-Stingfree-Crossline-Tour The importance of good golf grips cannot be underestimated, and every golf professional will vouch for that. Unless you have that perfect golf grip, your shots are bound to go awry. And no discussion on golf grips is complete without a mention of Lamkin grips. Lamkin’s is a top brand when it comes to making performance oriented golf accessories, and they have once again proved that with the Lamkin Stingfree Crossline Tour.

The Stingfree Crossline Tour boasts of some unrivalled features that place the grip at an all new level by itself. With an excellent shock absorption capacity, this grip will eventually phase out most of your golf-related injuries, by levelling your swings and easing out your shots. This flexible grip is an answer to the prayers of all those golf enthusiasts who are always weighed down by arthritis and other such problems. This grip’s infallible shock absorption will surely make their games stress-free.

Yes, the Stingfree Crossline Tour proudly boasts of a novel and a radical 3-layer compound technology. A layer of the reliable Kevlar blocks acts as a superior stabilizer that softens an impact by dissipating the vibration energy produced consequently, allowing for ultimate shock absorption. It is this composite and exclusive Shockwave Suppression Technology that allows for almost 90% more absorption of shocks and vibrations than the other regular grips in the market, and delivers unequalled comfort and control. This technological advancement in golf products has set a new trend for similar innovations in golf-related accessories so as to simplify the game.

But this is not it all. This grip also comes with an excellent feel that lets you have a very personal command over your club, letting you make accurate and precise judgements. These Lamkin products Are also resistant to wear and tear, and prove to be highly durable.

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