Sharpro DualCord Wrap Golf Club Grip Review

sharprodualwrap From the house of Sharpro comes another state of the art product that is truly a work of mastery. The Sharpro DualCord Wrap Golf Grips are an innovative contraption from this renowned company. Golfers usually had to compromise between having a rubber golf grip for a good feel and a cord grip for security. But after this beauty is discovered there is no longer a need to deprive oneself of either feel or security. The DualCord grip uses an intricate cord design on the upper half of your golf grip for your gloved hand and for the lower half soft rubber is used for that part of the hand that is un-gloved. Using the glove, golfers have a much securer grip on the cord area and without a glove, golfers can maximise the feel ant touch aspect of their game with the soft rubber.

This novel golf grip is available in blue, red and black. Sharpro DualCord Wrap Golf Grips are made with male golfers in mind. It has a core diameter of .580 inches and is round in shape. It is of standard size. Users have found it to be of easy installation and of great quality.

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