Tacki Club Grip Reviews

takiclubgrip Tacki Mac Super Tac Grip Golf Club Grip Review

From the house of Avon comes the new Avon Tacki-Mac Super Tac Red Grip. This new golf grip features a dual moulding and micro-texture technologies. This Avon grip is made with a proprietary compound that is ultra tacky and gives a good solid grip.

takiclubgrip Tacki Mac Dual Molded Golf Club Grip Review

From the house of Tacki Mac comes another product called the Tacki Mac Dual Molded Grip. This grip uses dual-molding and micro texture technology for a great feel. The higher tack surface ensures that the player’s hand does not slip under any conditions. The upper half of the grip is made of firm rubber. The lower half is made all weather conditions and combines a great feel and comfort for a real connection between the golfer and his club..