Golf Grip Guide

Are-putter-grips-really-imp Are putter grips important?

Putter grips, say golf experts, are the most unnoticed pieces of golf equipment.  They are the most used and most touched but yet are overlooked and goes unnoticed by almost every golfer as just another piece of equipment.

are-there-grips-for-arthrit Are there grips for people who suffer from arthritis or joint pain?

Golf is a passion for many, and it is understandably hard for anybody to give it all up due to physical handicaps. It was thought, till very recently, that a physical ailment like arthritis can spell the doom for your golf career.

how-to-make-your-golf-grips How can you make your golf grips last longer:

Did you know that your golf grips are subject to a great amount of abuse physically? Well, the damage is a lot more than you think.  Due to the wear in the grips you hold them much tighter than you usually would and increase the erosion of the material.

how-do-i-know-the-right-gri How do I know the right grips for me?

When it comes to having the right golf club grips, there is no single kind that is suitable to all golfers. While many prefer to go with the feel and appearance, there are other golfers who look into every small detail before making a purchase.

how-to-regrip-a-golf-club How to regrip your golf clubs:

A simple procedure that takes 30 minutes for the whole set, regripping requires the only four supplies.

how-to-select-the-right-gol How to select the right golf club grip for your game?

Getting the right golf club grip is absolutely essential for you to make the perfect shots. Its importance cannot be overplayed. And with a host of golf grips selling in the market, your choice becomes an even tougher one.

choosing-a-putter-grip Putter Grips

The putter grip is meant to enhance the player’s hold over the club and to facilitate a firm and steady control over the putter’s movements. A putter grip is usually made up of materials that allow the player to firmly hold the club, and in most cases the material is rubber or cord.

when-to-re-grip-your-golf-c When to re-grip your golf clubs:

Have you ever looked at the soles of your shoes after they have been used for a few months? What it looks like now as opposed to when you bought it is probably why you slipped and almost fell the other day.

why-regrip-your-golf-clubs Why re-grip your golf clubs?

Golf is often underestimated to be an easy sport, but only golfers know what the game is really all about. And if you have tried your hand at it, and have swung a shot with a golf club, you will have a fair idea of how essential golf grips are to the game.

will-lightweight-grips-make Will lightweight grips help to improve my game?

Golf is all about making that perfect, infallible shot and behind every perfect shot is an equally perfect grip. While it is true that talent singularly and dominantly rules the game, there are a lot many more factors that make a champion out of a player.

will-new-grips-help-improve Will new grips really improve my game?

The importance of a good, new golf club grip cannot ever be underestimated, considering that the game is all about proficiency and accuracy. A professional golfer will exactly know the magnitude of change that a new, firm grip can bring to your game.