Are putter grips important?

Are-putter-grips-really-impPutter grips, say golf experts, are the most unnoticed pieces of golf equipment.  They are the most used and most touched but yet are overlooked and goes unnoticed by almost every golfer as just another piece of equipment. Experts say that of all the golf equipment, putters are the ones that require most attention and care, and they do not get much attention, than what they get. Why? Because they are used once or twice and sometimes unfortunately, even up to four times in each green. Putting equals scoring and this is a little known fact.

In fact it is an essential element in scoring and good putting involves and demands a lot of confidence. This is precisely why you need to choose a putter shape, material and size that you think is the best. Remember that like the golf grip, the putter grip also requires cleaning and maintenance just like all the other grips in your bag. So once you have taken your pick of putter grips be sure not to oversee their presence in your bag and keep them clean and well looked after. This is also to maintain the tacky feel that is originally in the putter grips when they are bought.

There are various putter grips to choose from, standard all rubber putter grips for an increased feel, midsize putter grips to minimise your wrist action, V-RAD putter grip with a subtle texture and a semi-pistol form and shape for a consistent touch, V-RAD Rivalry putter grips to show your loyalty, V-RAD Shock putter grips with a subtle texture and tackiness and a semi-pistol form and shape to enable consistent touch when on the green, Multi compound putter grips with a distinctive look in a small, diameter and in a pistol style, Jumbo Crown putter grips with a flat front and a pistol back, Velvet Pro putter grips that are medium in size with an all rubber flat front and a pistol back etc. There you have it, many varied putter grips with different qualities and styles to choose from. Now you can take your pick without much of a hassle.

Putting is a very individualistic affair and it is not every golfer’s forte. Make sure you find the right putter grip and make sure it is the one you love and that suits your preference personally. It should help you take out the unwanted 3-putt from your repertoire.