Are there grips for people who suffer from arthritis or joint pain?

are-there-grips-for-arthritisGolf is a passion for many, and it is understandably hard for anybody to give it all up due to physical handicaps. It was thought, till very recently, that a physical ailment like arthritis can spell the doom for your golf career. But here’s news that will definitely cheer up all those golf enthusiasts who have been hitherto deprived of their passion due to arthritis or joint pains. Today golf has been made easier with a wide and helpful range of golf grips that are suited to conform to your physical limitations. Since it is your hold on the club that is crucial, your ability to continue with your game normally depends largely on you finding a grip that relates to your physical ailment.

Yes, there are special golf grips for players who suffer from arthritis and joint pain. Such grips are required to have a special vibration dampening capacity, so that the impact is not transported to the fragile joints of the arthritis-suffering player. These grips are meticulously manufactured and technologically evolved so as to offer maximum shock-absorption capacity.

It is also advised by experts that arthritis-suffering golfers use special oversized grips, which are offered by many big golf product brands like PrecisionFit Golf, Kelmac, Enflow, Star, and Feel, all of which are guaranteed to assist you in you fight against arthritis. Then there are also the innovative reverse taper golf grips meant to ease your swings and relax your hold on the club so that you are comfortable even by the end of your game.

Another important factor that should be considered while choosing your grip is the extra weight that it will add to your already-heavy golf club. And it is crucially advised that people prone to joint pain go for the lightweight ones that will ease out the pressure that the club weight generally induces. And a great product that will provide the much-needed relief in this regard is the Dual Durometer Lite, which promises a good 20% reduction in the club’s static weight, at the same time enhancing its swing weight so that you can get the big punch in your shot without applying as much force. These grips are carefully designed and constructed, from reliable materials, so as to minimize the impact of vibrations, and to offer maximum comfort to golf players.

If you are still not convinced, we are here to tell you that the Dual Durometer Lite grip, along with the Whisper grips from Golf Pride, were acknowledged by an Ease of Use appraisal from none other than the Arthritis Foundation, and were appreciated for their helpful and supportive ability to greatly reduce and minimize harmful pressure on joints that may usually happen when the golfer swings his club.

So all those golf enthusiasts who have been dejected due to their physical handicap now have a very good reason to smile. Re-grip your clubs to the more suitable ones suggested, and get on with your game like never before!!