How can you make your golf grips last longer:

how-to-make-your-golf-grips-last-longerDid you know that your golf grips are subject to a great amount of abuse physically? Well, the damage is a lot more than you think.  Due to the wear in the grips you hold them much tighter than you usually would and increase the erosion of the material. This is besides being used repetitively in every round. They also get abused in every swing and over and over again one season after another. As if this isn’t enough they are prone to exposure of ultraviolent rays of the sun, extreme heat in your car trunk, ozone in the atmosphere around it, oil, dirt and perspiration from the skin of your hands, to name  a few. And let’s face it, how often do they get sanded, washed and cared for or looked after in any manner? Seldom. Though grips are made to last they are not, however, made of metals like steel, which is why they deteriorate and wear due to usage and age. They are specifically made of softer materials to suit your hands so they feel tacky and resilient. There’s some trivia on why you need to take care of your clubs. All is not lost though, you can increase your golf grip’s life with one simple method – regular cleaning. Yes, regular cleaning!!

Here’s how you can make your golf grips last longer. For starters, your grips can be successfully cleaned using a dishwashing detergent that is mild. If you use buffed rubber grips and cord, you can use an abrasive pad or brush that is soft. If you use non-buffed grips, then instead of the brush or abrasive pad, use a simple wash cloth. After this step of scrubbing, in both cases, you need to thoroughly rinse the grip in lukewarm water so as to get rid of the entire soap residue that is left. Then you can either towel dry or air dry the grip. With this sort of proper care and looking after your grips should last you several years under normal playing positions. Despite the care, your golf grip’s life depends on other elements too – you, how often you play and the environment it is stored in. So set aside some funds in case they wear out faster than you expect them to despite the ‘proper cleaning method’. On the brighter side, new grips give you an upper hand on your opponent anyway.