How do I know the right grips for me?

how-do-i-know-the-right-gripWhen it comes to having the right golf club grips, there is no single kind that is suitable to all golfers. While many prefer to go with the feel and appearance, there are other golfers who look into every small detail before making a purchase. So it not just one factor, or feature, that makes a particular golf club grip the right choice for you. But it is also an undeniable fact that finding the right grip is essential if you are focussed on perfecting your shots and improving your game. Today, there are a dozen and more kinds of golf grips being sold in the market, making you decision even trickier. And it is very necessary that you discerningly sort through them so as to arrive at the one that is just right for your game. On the other hand, a random choice and a haphazard selection will ultimately end up in you spending a lot more in getting your club re-gripped every now and then.

Hence, it is very necessary that you lay out certain essential criteria before you make your choice. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you in finding that ideal golf club grip.

  • The right grip for you is the one that lets you have a comfortable hold over the club. And a golf club is of no use if it is not compatible to your hand size. Golf club grips come in a range of widths and sizes, and depending on your hand size, you can choose one with a matching thickness in the range of an undersize, a standard, a midsize, and an oversize. Ideally, the top priority for you in choosing the right grip should be the comfort, and even if you find no grip size that suits your hand size, you always have the option of padding up your grip with a reliable build-up tape. Typically, the right grip for you would be the one which enables you to slightly touch your fingertips to the palm of your hand on the top hold. This will ensure that the particular grip is appropriately compatible to your hand size, and even the length of your fingers.
  • There are many who give priority to the surface texture of the grip in selecting the right one. A corded grip will offer you a lot more in tack and traction, assuring ultimate reliability. A firmer grip will positively influence your shots and your game, and if you are seeking more accuracy and precision in your game, then a corded grip is your best bet. Though its feel may not be as smooth and comfortable as that of the regular rubber grips, it will definitely bring about a noticeable change in your game in the long run. A little getting used to is all that it needs. And this grip will be loyal to you under all weather conditions, being very tough and super resistant. If comfort still counts more for you, then you can always go for the two-in-one grips, which are partially corded, and partially made from rubber, so that you can enjoy the advantages of both simultaneously.
  • Making the right choice in grips also entails that your grip responds to your basic style of game. If your game makes you more prone to injuries like hooks and pulls, then it is evident that you tend to over-rotate your wrist and arms, and hence, you should necessarily choose a grip with a distinctive thickness, so that it will aid your wrist and prevent over movement. Likewise, if you are frequently held back by fades and pushes, you will need a thinner grip, so as to allow you to make bigger swings.
  • Another factor that you should also take into serious consideration while looking for the ideal grip is the moisture management capacity of the grip, and the ideal one is that which lets you continue playing for hours, without you having to reach for the towel. If damp, slippery hands have come between you and your passion for golf, then you must make a sensible choice by picking a grip that promises utmost moisture management capacity.