How to regrip your golf clubs:

A simple procedure on how to regrip golf clubs that takes 30 minutes for the whole set, regripping requires only four supplies:

  • Rubber vise and vise clamps
  • Utility knife or straight blade
  • Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent
  • 3/4inch or 2inch Grip tape, two sided


Step 1: Use a vise to secure your shaft at the tip of its grip. Use a rubber vise clamp that is protective. The face of the club is positioned at a right angle to the floor in the normal playing position.

Step 2: Use a stripper or straight blade to remove the previous grip that was in use. Be careful while cutting. Always make sure you cut in the direction away from yourself. Scrape off or peel the grip tape and old grip. Use Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent and a cloth to clean the residue.

Step 3: Take the new grip that you wish to fix and hold it parallel to your shaft so you can determine exactly how much of the shaft needs covering with the tape.

Step 4: If you prefer a grip that is oversize, then apply the build-up tape on your shaft. If not, you can either use the ¾ inch or the 2 inch grip tape (double sided). If you use the ¾ inch tape, wrap it with a spiral formation from the top to the bottom of where the grip will be placed. Remove the backing of the tape and make sure the end of the shaft is covered with extra tape.

Step 5: The butt end of the vent hole should be covered. Use your finger to do this or the golf tee. Pour the Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent generously into your new grip. Use your hand to close and cover the grip’s open end. Shake it to cover the interior of the new grip entirely.

Step 6: You can pour the extra Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent over the length of the tape. Be generous in application and use a small tray so the extra Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent can be used for the other clubs.

Step 7: Squeeze the open end of the grip and place it on the shaft butt. Let the pattern of alignment face upwards. Do this when the tape is wet from the Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent.

Step 8: Make sure your grip butt is placed against your shaft butt and push it completely on the club.

Step 9: The grip can be adjusted and aligned with the pattern.

Step 10: Allow several hours of drying before use.