How to select the right golf club grip for your game?

how-to-select-the-right-golf-club-gripChoosing the right golf club grip is absolutely essential for you to make the perfect shots. Its importance cannot be overplayed. And with a host of golf grips selling in the market, your choice becomes an even tougher one. A haphazard and random pick will leave you spending more on re-gripping your club frequently.  Here’s what you should consider to make that ideal golf club grip all yours.

There are several factors that count when you are choosing the right golf club grip. The most important of them are-

  • Hand size: A golf club is no good if it does not match your grip size. There are several widths to golf club grips, with the thickness varying from an undersize to standard, midsize to an oversize. If it’s not in this range that you find a suitable grip size, then there are always options of padding your grip using a build-up tape. While choosing a golf club grip, it is very essential that you consider your personal comfort. This can be assured only when you find one compatible to your finger length and your hand size. While trying out the grips, take a careful note of whether your fingertips, in your top hold, can just touch your palm. Ideally, the one that corresponds to the above instruction is the right grip for you.
  • Surface texture: The surface texture of the grip will not only influence your shots, but will also determine the durability of your grip. Though rubber grips are more comfortable, it is the corded ones that offer more reliability. This hairy-looking traction is also a better choice during wet conditions, offering more traction than the other ones. A corded grip is a lot more firm, as well as tougher, thus drastically reducing the frequency of having to get your club re-gripped. Though newcomers to the world of corded grips may take a little time adjusting to the stark roughness, it will eventually turn out to be a safer bet in the long run. Priced a little more than the regular ones, corded grips are worth every extra penny. Nowadays, there are also the partially corded ones available in the market, giving you advantages of the cord and rubber simultaneously.
  • Responsiveness: Responsiveness is all about how your golf club grip affects your ball flight. If, as a golfer, you are prone to hooks or pulls, then a thicker grip would ensure that your wrists don’t rotate too much during your swing. On the other hand, a thinner, undersized grip is suitable for those who are more prone to fades and pushes, since it allows more rotation for your hands. Thus, while choosing your golf club grip, you first need to be sure of your wrist moving style, and pick a grip accordingly. The right grip can act as a perfect swing aid and can bring a huge difference to your game.
  • Moisture management: If you are in the middle of a game and you find your club constantly slipping from your sweaty hands, then it can be surely said that you didn’t give much thought while picking your golf club grip. An ideal grip is one that has a good moisture management capacity, letting you to go on for hours without even reaching for the towel. This feature proves to be particularly essential during the hot weather, and will let you have a firm grip on the club at all times.

Other features: In recent times, there has also been a rage for arthritic golf grips, which are very large and tough, letting the golfer feel the firmness of the grip.