Choosing A Putter Grip

choosing-a-putter-gripThe putter grip is meant to enhance the player’s hold over the club and to facilitate a firm and steady control over the putter’s movements. A putter grip is usually made up of materials that allow the player to firmly hold the club, and in most cases the material is rubber or cord. Corded putter grips give a tough and robust texture that lets the player have a firm, steady hold, while the rubber ones provide a good deal of comfort and feel.

Description and specification:

The putter grip is fixed on to the shaft of the putter, in a smooth and plain fashion, without any untoward dents and moulds.

Usually grips for other clubs are circular in their cross sections, but when it comes to putters, there may be an exception. A putter grip may come with non-circular cross-section which may be incorporated internally with a full length spiral grip. In such a case, the cross section must not have any concavity, and should be symmetrical throughout.

The putter grip usually has a tapering end, and in most cases, the dimensions of its cross sections do not exceed 44.45 mm (or 1.75 inches).

As per the USGA rule, it is only the putter grip that can have a levelled, flat surface, because of the sole reason that a putter shot will require a corresponding alignment. On the other hand, the grips for other regular clubs do not come with any particular alignment aid.

Putter grips are often confused with other golf club grips, but there is a difference between the two. Putter grips are, obviously, meant for putters, and hence, they are shaped accordingly. They are exclusively meant only to fit putters, and cannot be interchanged as grips for hybrids, drivers, and fairway woods, primarily because all of these necessarily require evenly round ones. For other clubs, the grips must have their axes coinciding with the axes of the shafts. This is not the case with putter grips.

There can also be two grips for a putter if each has a circular cross section and the two are separated from each other by at least 38 mm (1.5 inches).

While most putter grips are blemish-free and smooth, some may also come with a contoured texture, with a look very similar to the grip of a pistol. They come in a range of hand sizes, from the undersized grip, to the standard, medium sized and the oversized ones.