Will lightweight grips help to improve my game?

will-lightweight-grips-makeGolf is all about making that perfect, infallible shot and behind every perfect shot is an equally perfect grip. While it is true that talent singularly and dominantly rules the game, there are a lot many more factors that make a champion out of a player. And near the top of the list is an effective, and a good, golf club grip. Today, much credit is being attributed to lightweight grips, which are known to bring about visible changes in a player’s game.

These new technologically-evolved light weight grips are scientifically designed to ensure that the club is not burdened with the grip weight and is sufficiently light enough to make unrestricted, static-free movement, allowing you to make brisk, yet highly fruitful strokes. With such a greatly reduced static weight of the club, the player will just need to make slight, delicate movements of the wrist to get the stroke right. Thus, it is true that a lightweight grip eases out your movement to a considerable extent, letting you focus more on strategy and technique.

Another important feature of the lightweight grips is that the swing weight of the club is retained, even though a good amount of weight is taken off the grip as well as the club’s shaft portion. This retention, or sometimes even an increase, of swing weight will ensure that with every swing that the player makes, the manual force is compounded with the club’s swing weight, leading to that powerful and skilled shot.

A lightweight grip will most definitely bring about a change, for the better, in your game, if you are a player who relies more on thought and precision in your strokes, rather than going for a mindless all-out hit.

These grips are very beneficial if you are re-gripping your club for it, because it helps to lower your club balance-point to a great deal near to your club head.

Lightweight clubs are made using corresponding materials, such as plastic, composites, stainless steel,  and wood, and even the grips are manufactured using light weight material, so as to provide a great deal of elasticity and flexibility to your swings and strokes.

These light weight grips fall well within the frontiers of the rules set down by the United States Golf Association, and has also been approved by it.

Go ahead. There is no reason now to deprive yourself of these performance-enhancing grips.