Scotty Cameron Crazy Cameron Putter Grip Review

ScottyCrazy Golf is meant to be a sophisticated sport, aimed at the gentlemen. But Scotty Cameron is fast changing this narrow conception, by bringing in a lot of fun and colour with its exciting golf products. This dull game has become a lot brighter with Scotty’s fun-filled grips that add the excitement to the game. Its putter grips are a rage in the golf circuit, and the whole fuss is not only about the looks. Want to know more?

Among the Scotty Cameron’s putter grips, it is the Crazy Cameron series that has caught a lot of attention. These grips are available in every colour of the rainbow, with the innocent Yellow Cameron as well as the bright, fiery Red being the top favourites. These thrilling grips also come with matching shaft bands and head covers.

The Crazy Cameron putters were part of the Studio store edition that had come out in 2003, and became extremely popular ever since. The grip also happens to be one the most regarded in any collector’s market that deals with golf.

So, what are you waiting for? Go crazy with the Crazy Cameron putter grips and bring a thrill into your game!!

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