Winn Putter Grip Reviews

WinnBelly Winn Belly Putter Grip Review

Winn is popular for its path-breaking innovation in making reliable and performance-oriented grips, a fresh departure from their mediocre rubber counterparts.

WinnGiant Winn Giant Putter Grip Review

Golfers had to make do with ordinary rubber grips for a long time before Winn Grips came to their rescue. In fact, Winn revolutionized a whole new generation of non-rubber grips, and provided a welcome departure from their insufficiencies.

WinnJumbo Winn Jumbo Putter Grip Review

Even as rubber grips were ruling the roost in the golf club grips market, Winn brought in a revolutionary, and a welcome, departure from their inadequacies. And they fast won over an eager clientele who had had enough of the mediocre rubber grips. And why not?

winn-midsize-putter-grip Winn Midsize Putter Grip Review

Winn grips are available in all sizes to fit any hand size. And a popular choice among these is the Winn Midsize putter grip. The highlight of this grip, as with all other Winn grips, is the superior feel and tack that it offers with due credit going to the technologically-evolved Excel material.

WinnMedallist Winn Medallist Putter Grip Review

Even when rubber putter grips were the main choice of many golfers, Winn dared to bring about a technological revolution with its non-rubber textured putter grips that allowed for several crucial advantages over the rubber ones.

winn-oversize-paddle-putter-grip Winn Oversize Putter Grip Review

Winn golf grips have become the favorites of most golf players, both professional as well as amateur players. One of the top choices among them is the Oversize Paddle Golf putter grip. And the reason behind it is the soft and responsive leather wrap that the grip is crafted from, and which is wound over the inner rubber core..

WinnLong Winn Long Putter Grip Review

The Long Putter grips from Winn are hot favourites in the golf circuit, particularly with those players who use Long putters or the Belly putters. The grip is known for its flexible versatility in being compatible with most kinds of putters that are available commonly. The Long grip comes in a 2-Piece split style, leaving you with the choice of installing it on your putter as per any technique that you want.