Winn Giant Putter Grip Review

WinnGiant Golfers had to make do with ordinary rubber grips for a long time before Winn Grips came to their rescue. In fact, Winn revolutionized a whole new generation of non-rubber grips, and provided a welcome departure from their insufficiencies. And the golf world was eagerly awaiting them. Anything to get away from the mediocrity of regular rubber grips. Winn’s Giant putter grips won over many fans, and its success story is still putting the rubber grips to shame.

The giant putter grip is Winn’s largest yet, and an answer to the prayers of all those golf enthusiasts who are weighed down by arthritic conditions, and those with big hands who seek to bring in stability to their shots.

The grip is also designed to offer an excellent hold over the putter, so that the player can make his shots confidently, leaving aside all inhibitions and doubts. In stark contrast to the regular rubber grips, Winn Giant putter grips come with 65% more impact absorption capacity, nothing less. This minimizes the transfer of shock waves to your body, thus averting the common wrist and arm injuries that tend to overcome most golf players.

The unique Excel material also gives them an excellent slip resistance capacity.

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